Sweet Words

Stephanie was truly one of the greatest blessings during my wedding planning process. She kept me calm and on track (which is v hard to do) and really understood my vision... Maybe even better than I did! She took a leap of faith by agreeing to do my florals and oh wowww, did. she. deliver. !! Having been in the wedding business, it’s hard to let go, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to make it happen.

She had the best ideas, like mixing my wedding party, that were spur of the moment but also so true to me. 

The wedding of my dreams literally could not have happened without her. Thank you, Stephanie!! 

— Laura Beth and Luke Scott

Stephanie did a truly awesome job with my wedding! She is such a positive, fun person, and she also gets the job done! Very creative and unique with her ideas, which was exactly what I wanted for my wedding. And, on the day of my wedding...wow! She was THE BEST, making sure everything ran smoothly, without me having to worry about anything. Thanks for your hard work and superb job, Stephanie. My wedding would not have been this awesome without you and your crew!

— Camille and Caleb Killian


I'm a photographer & have to say that Stephanie is one of my all time favorites to work with!! She's on point & makes sure everything goes smoothly, plus she's a blast to work with! Looking forward to working more weddings with her in the future!

— Ivy French (ivybphotography.com)


I am a Soldier in the United States Army stationed overseas and I wanted to plan my wedding in Louisiana, but it seemed impossible. I searched online for wedding planners and this gorgeous woman named Stephanie popped up. I called her and pleaded our case. She replied with: “ No problem, tell me what you want.” I was relieved. I informed her that we would love a vintage wedding.

As the date came near, I began to get nervous. I didn’t taste the cake I had no idea how anything would look. But like an angel, Stephanie took care of us. I could never have imagined how beautiful the venue would be. We fell in love with the photographer, and danced with the DJ. Through it all, I can tell Stephanie worked hard.  This truly was a dream come true. Thank you!

— Randy and Keaurora Grigsby


My husband and I were married this past September. We didn’t have the year-long engagement typical of most couples in order to plan the perfect wedding. Instead we decided two months before moving across the country to get married in our hometown so that we could share the special occasion with all of our friends and family. Unfortunately, I naively believed I could create my dream wedding on my own with a limited budget, limited time, and limited talent.

This is where Stephanie Coker comes in, or more appropriately - comes to the rescue. Stephanie volunteered her assistance when I was at my wit’s end about a month and a half before the big day. In our first meeting she accomplished more than I had on my own in two weeks. She provided me with a calendar which included important “decision making dates.”

I was not the easiest bride to work with. By this point I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted and was completely overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made. Stephanie did an exceptional job of channeling mine and my husband’s personalities and our likes and dislikes to create the perfect wedding catered to us. Stephanie helped me make every decision from choosing a reception menu and working with the caterers, to selecting ceremony music and providing a sound system and DJ, to decorating the venue and coordinating with the cake decorators and photographer. At the rehearsal, Stephanie managed to organize a bridal party of fourteen (including four very rowdy groomsmen and two extremely shy children) into an orderly group, and insured everyone knew exactly what was expected of them. She did a great job with the flower girl and ring bearer making them feel special and encouraging them. She also provided creative ideas such as a picture booth which she built and which was a big hit with both us and the guests. We love to go back through the pictures everyone took and see the notes they left for us! Stephanie pulled together resources so quickly that it was amazing!

— Meghan and John Ludwig